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Gallery of Paintings
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Bouquet of a Springtime Wind
Bright Reveille

Transcendant Joy
Riverbank Golden Joys
Softened with Buttery Air

Springtime's Yellow Telegram

Sunlight Laces with Shadows
Early Snow

Winter Sewn Snow
Skating Pond in August
Skating Pond at Dusk

Farm Fields in Winter

Lamplit House in Winter
Country Road #1
Country Road #2

White on White
Farmhouse with Red Door
Yellow and Blue
Windows Filled with Vanishd Days

Break of Day
Autumn Mists #1

Morning Lights
Woodland Inlet
Snow on Boston Common
Before Spring
In Just Spring
More First than Sun

Forsythia x3
A Vermont Winter Sunrise
The Old Homeplace
Barn at the Homeplace #1
Heart’s Image: Kirkstone Pass

Summer Shadows
Utters Silently A Cathedral

Glimpse of Glory
Among Our Ancient Mountains
Rock Garden on a Fine Soft Day
All Yellow In August
The Last Ride

At the Crest of the Tides
Blue Shore of Silence

Striped Sea

Water's Edge #12
Monotone of the Sea

The Sky Was Flung Fragments
California Coast

Water's Edge #1

Surf #1

In the language of green and blue
Water's Edge #3
A Paperdoll Day on the Island

Island Winterscape
Late September on the Cape
Salt Marsh, Coscata-Coathue

Small Works
October Silence
Edge of Winter
Rising Storm

Barn with Wildflowers
Moment in High Summer
Pig In Water
Tamworth 1
Tamworth 2

Commissions for Book
"Parks Portrayed in Pen and Paint"

Canyon Castle (Grand Canyon)
Windblown Ribbons (Yosemite)
Stairway of the Kings (Yellowstone)

Girl with Tulips
Daylongs of Quilts

Small Iris on Black
Small Iris on White
Iris # 6
Iris # 7
From the Troubled Heart of May
Greenland Tulips
Strafford Poppies
Palace Intricate
Silence Immaculate

Wild Stallion
Horses of Fire
Equus Series 2
Equus Series 3
Equus Series 4